Portable, healthy and oh-so-delish.

Since gas stations, shopping malls and your local corner store are only going to get you so far, being fully prepared with a constant supply of delicious, healthy snacks is key! Whether you’re travelling, going to the movies or you’ve just got the 3 pm munchies, you’ll find a snack for every occasion at Nutrient Avenue.

Sometimes plain carrot sticks just won’t cut it. So shop our tasty snack selection and choose from a wide variety of products like organic granola, hemp bites, seaweed popcorn, kale chips, raw paleo bars, superfoodie slice, and more. We’re changing the snack game with natural options that have fewer ingredients, less sugar and more flavour. Undeniably quick and easy, these snacks are the perfect addition to your lunch box or gym bag!

Some of our best-selling snack brands include Gimme, The Monday Food Co, Rude Health, Extraordinary Foods and Wallaby Superfoodie. You’ll love munching on the coconut and banana granola bites from East Bali Cashews and the choc orange fudge bar from Eclipse Organics. Feeling a little fancy? Why not have a go at baking the cacao-chip chia and oat cookies from Bake Mixes. They’re so good, you won’t be able to stop licking the spoon!