Makeup Tools

Flawless makeup is all in the application.

You can have all the best natural and organic bronzers, eyeshadows, foundations and lipsticks in the world, but what’s a natural beauty bombshell without her makeup tools? Investing in quality brushes and makeup applicators is one of the greatest things you can do to achieve a flawless makeup look. Whether you want a precise cut crease or a perfectly dewy face, the right makeup tools make all the difference!

We’ve got bamboo makeup brushes and sponges from some of the top brands in the clean beauty industry at Nutrient Avenue. Our Wotnot vegan makeup brush set contains 8 gorgeous brushes made from cruelty-free synthetic fibres and satin lacquered bamboo. Pair the angled eye brush with one of our micronised shadows from Couleur Caramel to create a clean cat eye or use the blush brush to get lovely, rosy cheeks.

Whatever look you’re trying to achieve – sexy, subtle, bridal, evening, party or something else entirely – mastering your makeup is a breeze with our brushes, applicators and tools. They’re perfect for use on your eyes, complexion and lips. Looking gorgeous has never been easier or more affordable. Build out your collection or take our makeup tools on the road to achieve an irresistible goddess glow no matter where you are!