Eye Makeup

Bright-eyed and beautiful.

Chic colour palettes, luxe non-toxic mascaras and paraben-free, water-based eyeliners, oh my! The eye makeup selection we have at Nutrient Avenue is the stuff that natural beauty dreams are made of.

Every woman needs a beauty bag of eye makeup products she loves, but it can be difficult to find natural alternatives to the drugstore beauty brands you see on TV and in magazines. Well ladies, listen up! If you’re part of the clean beauty revolution, you’ve come to the right place. Using non-toxic eye makeup from brands we trust is non-negotiable at Nutrient Avenue. We believe you can still have killer winged liner, a sexy smokey eye, and skyscraper lashes with a clean ingredients list.

Some of our most popular eye makeup products include the Couleur Caramel liquid eyeliner range, eye pencils, and highly pigmented eyeshadow pans. With beautiful bold shades and 100% natural raw ingredients, you’ll love creating dramatic and subtle looks without worrying about what’s going on your skin. Gym junkies and beach lovers will adore our cruelty-free Hanami Waterproof mascara. Create intense lashes that look fantastic, no matter what the weather is, and be prepared for those teary moments at weddings, on anniversaries, and when you’re just at the cinema crying over a romcom. Girl, we all do it.