Toothpaste and Dental Care

Natural ingredients meet pearly whites.

Keep your pearly whites sparkly clean with our range of safe, fluoride-free toothpaste and dental care products. At Nutrient Avenue, we’ve got everything you need for an all-natural dental routine, including toothpaste, mouthwash, teeth whiteners, activated charcoal products, toothbrushes, oil pulling products, tongue cleaners, and dental floss.

Our natural toothpastes are designed to increase the overall health of your mouth, while effectively cleaning your teeth and nixing the bad bacteria.  Don’t worry about the risk of nasty chemicals being swallowed. They include natural and organic ingredients such as antibacterial essential oils, botanical extracts, activated charcoal, aloe vera, clay and sodium bicarbonate. Say buh-bye to parabens, fluoride and artificial sweeteners, and hello to tubes you can trust!

Some of our most popular toothpaste and dental care brands include Riddells Creek, Redmond Earth Paste, The Natural Family Co., My Magic Mud and Weleda. We’ve also got a great selection of natural toothpaste brands for kids that come in tasty flavours like strawberry, banana, orange, raspberry, blueberry and blackcurrant. The Jack N’ Jill range and Nature’s Goodness Snappy Jaws Toothpaste have specially developed formulas that will keep your little ones from ingesting harmful chemicals at brushing time. New parents will love the Jack N’ Jill Baby Gum and Tooth Wipes, made from 100% biodegradable cotton.

DR BRONNER'S Dr Bronner's Toothpaste 140g Anise
DR BRONNER'S Dr Bronner's Toothpaste 140g Cinnamon
DR BRONNER'S Dr Bronner's Toothpaste 140g Peppermint