Flours and Rice

Healthy baking and cooking for happy tummies.

At Nutrient Avenue, we make baking and cooking easy for busy families with food allergies, intolerances, coeliac disease, and vegan requirements. We have everything from gluten-free flour to dairy-free milk, low G.I. rice, aluminium-free baking powder, organic golden flaxseed meal, green banana baking flour, and so much more!

From vegan cakes to gluten-free cookies and protein pancakes, we’ve got all the flours, baking powders and healthy sweeteners you need to cater for the whole family. Make a delicious curry dinner with Forbidden’s range of organic brown, green, red, white or black rice. Use flaxseeds as a replacement for egg in your baking recipes or swirl into your smoothies to boost your healthy fats and omega-3s.

On the go? Create mouth-watering chocolate protein balls with buckwheat flour and added cacao to satisfy your sweet tooth and keep your energy levels up throughout the day. They’re such an easy, satisfying and delicious snack or dessert.

Opt for nutrient-rich ingredients in your cooking and baking recipes for happy, healthy tummies. Your digestion system will thank you later!

Shop for flours and rice from brands like Natural Evolution, Raw Earth Produce, Pure Food Essentials, Organic Times, Stoney Creek, Bob’s Red Mill, Absolute Live, and more.