Fragrance and Perfume

Nature: bottled.

We invite you to come and discover your new signature scent with our range of natural and certified organic fragrances and perfumes. Largely handcrafted in small batches and made with wild plants, distilled flower extracts and essential oils, these perfumes stand out in a sea of synthetic, mass-made scents. From eau de toilettes to roller balls, you’re sure to find something you love at Nutrient Avenue.

When it comes to fragrance, just one whiff makes it clear why choosing a natural one is a no-brainer. Synthetic perfumes are based on chemical compositions that mimic nature, with ingredients that can actually be really harmful to your health. For example, did you know that some perfumes contain acetone (aka nail polish remover) and cancer-linked phthalates that can disrupt your hormones and cause allergic reactions? No, thank you!  With brands including Vrindavan, Tisserand and Mount Romance, you can shop with confidence at Nutrient Avenue knowing that you’re only getting all-natural, botanical extracts with no nasty chemicals.

We have floral scents like rose garden and wildflower; fruity scents like orange blossom and citrus escape, as well as delicious woody scents like cedar, pine and sandalwood. We even stock travel survival kits that contain scents designed for better sleep, more energy and less stress. So go on, take a look around. You might just find your new holy grail fragrance!