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Smoother, shinier, stronger hair.  

We’ve all had our fair share of ‘bad hair’ days, right? Well, have you ever read the label on the back of your shampoo or conditioner bottle and wondered if all those unpronounceable ingredients are to blame? Most of us wash our hair at least 1-2 times a week. But the list of toxic ingredients in the products we use and apply to our skin is seriously alarming!

That’s why you’ll only find the best natural, non-toxic shampoo and conditioners at Nutrient Avenue. By choosing natural hair products you can lather up without worrying about the ingredients harming you or your family. Whether your locks are dry and frizzy, oily and thick, dandruff-prone, coloured, damaged, or super thin, you’ll find plenty of natural shampoo and conditioners at Nutrient Avenue to suit your hair type. Where possible, the brands we stock are silicone, paraben and sulphate-free, as well as vegan and cruelty-free.

You’ll love Giovanni’s Ultra-Repair Shampoo with blackberry and coconut milk to help eliminate frizz and renew vibrancy. Dr Organic’s Tea Tree Conditioner uses organic tea tree oil, aloe vera and shea butter to purify and revitalise. If you need to give your hair some TLC after a gym session, a quick brush of Acure’s dry Shampoo will absorb excess oil and grime without water. Some of our other best-selling natural shampoo and conditioner brands include Biologika, Aust. Native Botanicals, McArthur Skincare, Melrose, Natural Instinct, Weleda, Organic Selections, and more.   

ENVIROCARE Envirocare Hair Conditioner Silicone Free
From $11.35 - $72.10
ENVIROCARE Envirocare Hair Shampoo Silicone Free
From $7.55 - $28.85