Face Scrub and Exfoliant

Fresh ingredients for a fresh complexion.

Scrub your way to a beautiful, glowing face with natural ingredients that deeply cleanse, stimulate, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. If your face is dull, tired or lacklustre, you’re in the right place! Just one wash and you’ll see why our collection of face scrubs and exfoliants are so popular. Acne-prone babes will love Supercharged Food’s Earth Mask and Scrub. A two-in-one power product, this oh-so-gentle yet effective scrub will help to restore your skin’s pH balance. The silica-rich minerals work to enhance blood circulation, while the clay softens and tightens the skin for a more youthful appearance. Meditree’s Acne Prone Skin Cleansing Scrub with tea tree oil also works wonders!

Got super sensitive skin that always turns red when you exfoliate? Try the Gentle Facial Exfoliant from Kelapa Organics. Made from 100% natural ingredients like organic coconut oil and micro jojoba beads, it’s the perfect solution for a non-abrasive face scrub. Regular exfoliation to rid pores of oil and dirt and remove dead skin cells is super important, no matter what type of skin you have.

Refreshing, exfoliating, hydrating… what don’t the face scrubs from Nutrient Avenue do? Shop natural brands like Acure, Giovanni, Dr Organic, Natural Instinct, Richmond Nature, and more.