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Pet Supplies

Taking care of your fur-ever friends.

As any pet owner will attest, taking care of our beloved pets is next-level important. After all, our fur children are family. They deserve the very best natural pet supplies! From shampoos to snacks, supplements and medicinal gels, Nutrient Avenue has a large variety of pet care products to ensure we have just the right solution for every dog and cat parent.

Just as we take care of our families by choosing natural, non-toxic products, we should be doing the same for our pets. These adorable, cuddly members of our families can have sensitive skin and health problems just like us! So it’s super important to make sure they’re getting the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants they need.

Using natural grooming supplies is also essential. You want to look for formulations that gently cleanse and leave your pet’s coat clean without the use of harsh synthetic detergents. We have an excellent selection of products from Blackmores, like OsteoSupport powder, DigestiCare whole food probiotics and Omega 3 and 6 oral supplements. Try the Wellness and Vitality Chews to support a healthy immune system. Other popular pet supplies from Nutrient Avenue include the OrganiPet shampoo and conditioning range, Nature’s Pet treat rewards, and the Rose-Hip Vital canine powder. We’re sure your dog will love these healthy alternatives as much as you do!