Hair Oils

Bring shine back to your strands.

The Australian weather is great and all, but sometimes the hot climate, humidity and salt water can leave your strands high and dry (especially if you wash and condition too often). Just like you treat your skin to face masks and exfoliating treatments, so too should you look after your hair with natural hair oils.

It may sound a little counter intuitive to slather your locks in oil. Since oily hair is often a struggle that many women deal with on a daily basis. However, the right hair oils can actually replenish and rejuvenate all hair types. Some, like Flora Remedia’s Transformative Scent Hair Oil, are even designed to help you grow your hair faster! With a unique floral aromatherapy blend, you’ll adore the lingering fragrance all day long.

Got split ends? Weleda’s Nourishing Hair Oil restores moisture, softens split ends and adds radiant shine. The added rosemary essential oil works to stimulate your scalp, improve circulation, and prevent dandruff.

Protecting and caring for your hair can feel like a battle. Swap to natural, non-toxic hair products and discover nourished, beautiful hair. At Nutrient Avenue, our natural hair oils are designed to repair and protect from root to tip. Shop brands like Botani, Every Bit Organic Raw and Giovanni.