Kitchen and medicinal essentials.

Before you reach into your medicine cabinet or run to the nearest drugstore, you might like to stock up on herbs and spices. Not only do they make your meals tastier and more attractive, but studies show that herbs and spices are actually jam-packed full of health benefits!

It turns out herbs aren’t just for sprinkling on pizza. Nutrient Avenue has an extensive range of herbs, spices and herbal remedies to help you heal from the inside out. From detox tonics to flower essences, supplements and mists, we’ve got natural remedies and tinctures for every type of ailment.

You can use herbs to naturally treat many health problems, including reducing inflammation, healing a sore throat, stabilising blood sugar levels and soothing an upset tummy. Antibacterial and antiviral herbs like thyme, cinnamon, echinacea, garlic and ginger can be used to treat infections. While natural flower essences can help to calm the mind, ease emotional turmoil and provide support through stressful life events.

With a variety of herbs and herbal remedies from popular brands like Martin & Pleasance, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Healing Herbs, Spectrum Herbal and Living Essences, you’re sure to find the right herb for you at Nutrient Avenue.