Natural protein powders for the whole family.  

Choosing a protein powder can be overwhelming and confusing, especially because many bodybuilding brands use low-quality ingredients and unhealthy artificial sweeteners and flavours. How do you tell which brands are clean, healthy and safe to use, so you can feel really good about giving them to your family?

Easy! Just shop at Nutrient Avenue. We’ve done all the hard work and research for you. Shop from our range to ensure you only use the safest and healthiest natural protein powders. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or simply just want to boost your diet with some extra nutrition, we’ve got protein products to suit every need!

We have plant-based, vegan protein powders from Botanika Blends that come in a range of tasty flavours like Raspberry Coconut, Golden Chai, Coffee, Caramelised Popcorn, Cacao Mint and Cacao Hazelnut. We also have delicious, vegan protein powders from The Gluten Free Food Co that turn into Mexican and Thai protein patties with water. As well as our much-loved hemp protein range from Nutra Organics and Manitoba Harvest.

No matter what type of protein you prefer – whey, pea, casein, colostrum, egg white, sprouted brown rice, hemp or matcha –  we’re sure to have a brand you’ll love at Nutrient Avenue. Some of our best-sellers include Protein Supplies Aust., Wildbag Natural Nutrition, Vivo Alkaline Protein, Martin and Pleasance Vital, Amazonia, The Protein Bread Co. and more.