Get a believable, beautiful bronze the natural way.  

Want to look like a gorgeous Greek goddess without basking in the sun’s damaging rays? Shop our range of natural, non-toxic self-tan lotions. They’re incredibly easy and quick to apply, and enriched with a beautiful blend of organic ingredients that moisturise and nourish the skin.

Most self-tanning lotions are full of harmful chemicals that smell super bad. You might have experienced your tan going patchy after a few days or even turning a bright orange because of the artificial dyes. Well, no more! The self-tan products we have at Nutrient Avenue offer stunning, long-lasting tans with lightweight formulations that glide over your skin and dry quickly.

Choosing natural and organic self-tanning lotions means that you not only get a golden glow, but also all the benefits of nourishing plant extracts while your tan develops. From aloe vera to Kakadu plum and camellia oil, our range of natural fake tans contain lovely ingredients and antioxidants that help to hydrate your skin and protect against pollutants.

Using our Wotnot Natural Self Tan Lotion and Byron Bay Self Tan Foam, it’s possible to look flawlessly sun-kissed, without stepping onto a sunbed or exposing yourself to UV rays. Byron Bay Tan's velvety smooth mitt ensures an all-over even application of your self-tan while keeping your hands clean.