Hair and Lice Control

Get rid of the suckers, once and for all!

Did you know that kiddies have over 300,000 hair follicles and 200,000 sweat glands on their scalp? Studies show that your children’s skin absorbs whatever products you use on their hair. That’s why it’s so important to use natural, non-toxic hair and lice control remedies.

Head lice are highly preventable when you use natural head lice treatments with pure ingredients and no nasty fumes or chemical residues. Our natural head lice treatments contain ingredients that are naturally derived from plants and essential oils. Use our Hit Nitz Once Off Head Lice Lotion to help break the lice cycle without spending hours combing through your children’s hair. The lotion is free from sulphates, parabens, artificial fragrances, animal ingredients, and silicone oils.

If you don't need to treat a head lice infestation, but you know there are head lice at your kid’s school or crawling through their sports team, use the Hit Nitz Daily Control Spray each morning to help keep head lice at bay. Any parent who has a child at school will know the sheer frustration that can come with treating head lice. The longer you let them multiply, the worse it gets! So stock up on our hair and lice control products now to be prepared. Shop brands like Brauer, Envirocare, Tender Head, Baby Organics, and Little Innoscents.