Chocolate, Cacao and Carob

All you need is love and chocolate.

Your TV binges and snacking hours are about to get a whole lot healthier with our selection of natural and organic chocolate, cacao and carob products. From dark chocolate coated strawberries to salted caramel truffles and certified organic chai tea with cacao, we’ve got sweet treats to suit everyone in the family!

Whether you’re looking for a sugar-free alternative to satisfy your 3 pm cravings or healthy baking ingredients from trusted brands, it’s never been easier to shop for all your favourite chocolate, cacao and carob products in one affordable place. All of our products are ethically sourced and consciously curated, which means you’ll find the best fair trade, certified organic and sugar-free brands at Nutrient Avenue. Some of our chocolate, cacao and carob best-sellers include Alter Eco, Organic Times, Little Zebra Chocolates, Power Superfoods and Noosa Natural Chocolate Co.

Despite popular belief, pure cacao is actually an incredibly powerful, nutrient-packed superfood. It’s said to boost your memory, promote heart health and naturally lift your mood when you’re feeling a bit low. Studies show cacao even has more than 40 times the amount of antioxidants as blueberries. With health benefits like that, you can indulge at breakfast, lunch and dinner!

NATURALLY GOJI Naturally Goji Chocolate Goji Berries 125g Dark Chocolate