Natural remedies for the whole family.

You never know when someone in your family is going to get sick or injured. That’s why it pays to be prepared with natural medicine from non-toxic brands you can trust. Many common ailments, like muscle pain, arthritis, sore throats, blocked sinuses, insomnia, hay fever and cold sores, among other things, can be treated with natural products.

We cater for the whole family at Nutrient Avenue, with many medicines and remedies suitable for both kids and adults. For example, Rochway’s best-selling CoughCalm olive leaf extract is the perfect solution for soothing bronchitis, coughs, pneumonia and sore throats.

Kiddies will love breathing easier with Sweet Life’s all-natural Xlear nasal spray and alleviating painful bruises with our Martin & Pleasance Arnica Bruise Stick. If you’re struggling with sleeplessness, Brauer’s chamomile and passionflower tablets, oral spray and oral liquid can provide natural relief.

You’ll also find a variety of products to treat burns and bites, sports injuries, cuts, abrasions and wounds. Alleviate headaches, a sore back, menstrual cramps and joint pain with Therapacks hot and cold packs. Shop our natural medicines and therapeutic pain relief products in one convenient and affordable location at Nutrient Avenue. Some of our most popular brands include Weleda, Owen Homeopathics, KiwiHerb, Bonvit, and Heel.