Natural Rubber Soothers

Natural Rubber Soothers offer a great range of safe, natural dummies and teethers for babies and toddlers.  All products by Natural Rubber Soother are safe and hygienic for use by your baby or toddler as they are made from a single piece of 100% sustainable natural rubber from the tree Hevea brasiliensis. This eliminates a place for bacteria to hide. Natural Rubber Soother offer two shapes - orthodontic and rounded and two sizes - a twin pack or a single pack. They are BPA-free, do not use chemical softeners, contain no parabens, PVC or phtalates. Natural Rubber Soothers feature a larger shied where the dummy touches the baby's nose which provides simulation to breast feeding. Each Natural Rubber Soother comes packaged in its own handy reusable case for convenient and hygienic storage. They are also easy to sterilize. Shop online for Natural Rubber Soother today with Nutrient Avenue.