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Body Scrub and Exfoliant

Buff away dead skin cells for bright, glowing skin.

Give your skin the royal treatment with our selection of skin-softening body scrubs and exfoliants. It’s no secret that we’re constantly shedding dead skin cells. Add sweat, oil, dirt, makeup and pollution, and you’ve got yourself a pore-clogging cocktail. Luckily, you don’t have to settle for anything less than a glowing complexion. Treat yourself to a Nutrient Avenue body scrub, and exfoliate your way to head-to-toe radiance!

Exfoliating with wholesome ingredients (like ground coffee, coconut shells and pink Himalayan sea salt) is an effective way to naturally treat dull, flaky skin. Body scrubs can help boost circulation, oxygenate your skin and regulate cellular turnover. Generally, we suggest exfoliating once a week. However, depending on your skin type and the products you use, you may need to exfoliate more often to combat oily or dry skin. Massage into the body while in the bath or shower to reveal soft, silky skin.

At Nutrient Avenue, we stock body scrubs and exfoliants from clean beauty brands like Apricare, Giovanni, Caim & Able, Weleda, Botani and more. The best part about our collection of body scrubs and exfoliants? They smell absolutely divine! From luxe chocolatey scents to floral notes of rose and lavender, the ingredients lists read like a mouth-watering dessert menu. Rub all over, and smell good all day!