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Wild Medicine Aqua Hydration Formula PM Female 20ml

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Each 20ml bottle of the AQUA Formulas will last more than two months, based on recommended dosage levels.

You will obtain best results using filtered WATER, still or sparkling mineral WATER. Some chemicals in tap WATER, notably chlorine and fluoride, can compromise HYDRATION in the body. In all drinks, you may vary the quantity and proportion of liquids to suit your taste.

The AQUA Formulas work very gently in the body. Improving HYDRATION will naturally support your body to clear toxins. Drink 4 - 6 additional glasses of WATER daily depending on your lifestyle, exertion etc.

Herbal Extracts, Echinacea, Alfalfa, Homoeopathics, Goldenseal 11x, Slippery Elm 11x, Sarsaparilla 11x, Bach Flower essences, Clematis, Water Violet, Ethanol.