The Body Crystal Deodorant Crystal Body Mist (Fragrance Free) 150ml


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Stop body odour before it starts! Naturally! The Body Crystal is the perfect alternative to anti-perspirants which block your body’s natural perspiration process by clogging your skins’ pores.
The Body Crystal prevents odour naturally by inhibiting bacterial growth on your skin which cause odour. It’s that simple! It’s an effective and safe way of stopping odour before it starts.The deodorant creates an invisible layer of protection on the surface of the skin. It’s not sticky, and leaves you feeling fresh and clean all day.
The Body Crystal Fragrance Free range is safe to use anywhere on the body to prevent body odour and is ideal for sensitive skin that is easily irritated.It is so effective you will no longer need powerful fragrances to coverup your body odour.
Remember, The Body Crystal will prevent body odour – not a coverup! So you can now wear your favourite perfume or aftershave without clashing fragrances.

Water, potassium alum, natural benzoic acid (plant derived).

Hold upright approximately 10cm from area affected by body odour and spray evenly 2-3 times. For best results, apply to lean skin for long lasting protection. Product leaves no white marks. If blockage in pump occurs, remove pump and flush with hot water. Sensitive skin friendly; however, discontinue use if irritation occurs. Keep at ambient temperature.