PAW Conditioning & Grooming Spray (Lavender & Jojoba) 200ml


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An easy way to moisturise, detangle & freshen your dog's coat between washes. This alcohol free formula is a gentle, effective way to keep your dogs coat in great condition in a simple spray. Pure Animal Wellbeing (PAW) is introducing a new mini trigger spray to PAW Conditioning and Grooming Spray following pet owner feedback.

PAW has introduced this new trigger spray to:

  • Improve the coverage and application of this product. 
  • Make it even easier to condition & grooming pets with the 200ml bottle. 
  • Featuring Quick Spray Control this mini trigger achieves optimal coverage to all areas of the petΐs coat. Just a few sprays and a comb through for a soft, silky, tangle-free coat that smells naturally fresh!

Conditioning & Grooming Spray is a gentle alcohol free spray that moisturises, freshens & detangles the coat, making conditioning easy by using a simple spray application. It uses pawDerm® technology that combines:

  • Gentle conditioning and detangling agents for a silky smooth coat. 
  • Rich moisturising & conditioning ingredients for coat & skin health. 
  • Natural essential oils for a naturally fresh pure scent.

Purified Water.
Glycerin (Vegetable).
Cetrimonium Chloride.
Hydrolysed Oats.
Lactic Acid.
Lavender Oil.
Jojoba Oil.

Conditioning & Grooming Mist is available in a 200ml recyclable bottle with QuickSpray Control that continues working at any angle for effective application to all areas of the coat - making conditioning easy.

Use between washes to freshen the coat, it can also be used after bathing for the extra special finish.