Oscar Neo Juicer Chrome

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Operating almost noiselessly at only 63-75 RPM, the DA-1000 crushes and squeezes the juice out of fruits, vegetables or grasses — it can even juice pine needles. Known as cold extraction juice, this juice is acknowledged in international health circles to be the best quality and therefore the first choice for healing and maintenance of health.

Smaller and lighter than previous models, the DA-1000 features a more efficiently designed motor with a higher torque, which requires less power to do the same job. A new combined motor and gearbox creates a low vibration, low noise machine, greatly increasing the efficiency of its powerful 150W motor.

A 5-stage pressure adjustment nozzle allows you to control the pressure applied to the produce as it passes through the juicer, therefore ensuring maximum juice — up to 3-5% more than the DA-900.

In the box:
Motor Body, Hopper, Drum, Auger, Juicing Screen, Mincing (Blank) Screen, Drum Cap, Pressure Adjustment Nozzle, Set Of Six (6) Pasta Nozzles, Food Pusher (Tamper), Set Of Two (2) Collection Bowls, Cleaning Brush, User Manual.