Nutra Organics Collagen Body Joint Bone Gut Health 450g


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Nutra Organics' biofunctional Collagen Body blend works as a signaling protein, increasing the body’s natural collagen production. It is enzymatically hydrolysed for maximum absorption and rapid utilisation, specifically targeting the strength and integrity of essential structures, keeping our bones, muscles, joints and ligaments stronger, longer. Collagen is also important for gut and digestive health, and our overall wellbeing. Collagen provides the necessary building blocks to restore and repair the gut lining, keeping our immune system strong and increasing our overall wellbeing. Collagen Body is 90% protein, low kilojoule, no sugar and no carbohydrates. 

Hydrolysed Collagen, FORTIBONE® (Bovine Source)

Add 1 - 2 teaspoons to a little heated or chilled milk, stir to combine. Add the remaining milk to make 200ml.