Nature's Shield

Nature's Shield Copper Tongue Scraper


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Nobody wants to walk around with a slimy tongue tainting food’s flavors.
A clean tongue makes every mouthful a taste explosion, every kiss a sweet sensation, every word a fresh breeze. Plague on the tongue is also the major cause for periodontal disease.
So scraping your tongue protects your teeth. A pure tongue helps to clear ear, nose and throat problems by reducing contributing toxins. A copper tongue scraper is ideally recommended in Ayurvedic texts as its antimicrobial and enzyme activator.
It reduces sulfur compounds that cause bad breath, improves taste, freshens breath, clears toxins and stimulates digestion. Copper keeps clean as it’s non-porous and antibacterial. Copper is also soft on the tongue and easily bent into the perfect U-shape.


Use the copper tongue scraper every morning before drinking but after brushing and flossing your teeth. Gently scrape the tongue from back to front five times then rinse the mouth well. Obliterate oral thrush connected with Candida by scraping it away.