Nature's Child Baby Bio Liners 200 100% Biodegradable

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Nature's Child Bioliners have two practical uses for every parents. One as a nappy liner and secondly as a home made baby wipe which is explained more below.PLA is made from Corn - 100% natural and renewable cornstarch. These liners can be composted or flushed if filled with poo.

Compostable and flushable nappy liner, this bioliner measures 30cm wide and 16cm long. Reduce washing, stop smells, reduce rubbish and save money!

Bio liners collect the poo to help prevent soiling of your cloth nappies and stop smelly bins when discarding disposable nappies. Simply lay a bio liner inside your cloth or disposable nappy. Moisture passes through the bio liner to the nappy and solids remain on the bio liner. Use one bio liner at each nappy change. One size fits all babies.

A bioliner puts human poo where it should be, flushed in the toilet, not the bin.

  • Flushing this product is never suitable for septic toilet systems
  • Only flush liners in your toilet when necessary such as with wet poo. 
  • Compost or Bin Wet Liners