Natracare Ultra Extra Pads Super with Organic Cotton Cover x 10 Pack


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Natracare Ultra Extra Pads are a super soft, extra absorbent version of the ultra pads. They have wings to help them fit securely, and are individually wrapped in biodegradable purse packs for convenience.

  • Soft certified organic cotton cover. 
  • Double absorbent cellulose core to keep you dry. 
  • Waterproof plant-based back. 
  • No plastic. 
  • No perfumes or dyes. 
  • Totally chlorine free. 
  • Biodegradable & compostable.

Certified Organic Cotton.
Ecologically-certified Cellulose Pulp.
Corn Starch.
Non-toxic Glue.

Compostable starch film.