Mount Romance Sandalwood Skin Damage Control 50ml


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This new and improved Skin Damage Control is even creamier with a smooth, luxurious consistancy thanks to the Almond oil and Beeswax base. Experience the benefits of organic certified Pure Australian Sandalwood oil. A versatile ointment that can be used for many applications such as cracked heels, mosquito bites, dried cuticles, shaving cuts and skin blemishes.

Product perks:

  • Still 100% Natural 
  • Stable formulation, not prone to separation 
  • Free of parabens and colouring agents 
  • Now contains Beeswax and Almond oil 
  • Now in a new packaging that features aboriginal designs which are inspired by artwork of children at the Dawul Community School in WA.

Almond Oil.
Peppermint Oil.
Clove Bud Oil.
Australian Sandalwood Oil.
Tea Tree Oil.
Vitamin E.