MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals Mountain Spirulina Powder 250g


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Try this powerful food that has been described by the United Nations World Food Conference as the 'best food for the future' and the American Association of Retired Persons as 'the number one food to add years to your life.'

  • Increase energy levels 
  • Reduce colds and infections 
  • Recover faster from illness 
  • Enhance endurance 
  • Anti-inflammatory 
  • Has cholesterol-lowering properties 
  • Contains about 60% complete protein containing all essential amino acids

100% Pure Organic Spirulina (Arthrospira platensis)

Mountain Organic SPIRULINA contains NO dairy, NO gluten, NO animal products, NO chemicals, NO pollutants, NO Genetically Modified Organisms and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans

one serve = 3g (1 level teaspoon), use 1 - 3 serves per day

MicrOrganics recommends one serve of Mountain Organic Spirulina to be three grams, that is six tablets or one level teaspoon of powder - best results will be seen when you reach the optimum intake of 2-3 serves each day.

Mountain Organic Spirulina Powder can be shaken into into your fruit juice in any closeable container such as a drink bottle, or it can be blended with fruit or stirred into yoghurt. It's delicious!