MicrOrganics Green Nutritionals Green Calcium (Pure Plant) Powder 250g


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GreenCALCIUM is the ideal all-natural calcium superfood, providing you with and also helping you absorb elemental calcium that is so crucial for long term health, bone density and strength. Adequate dietary intake of calcium;

  • helps ensure the proper functioning of muscles and nerves 
  • keeps the heart beating 
  • helps blood clotting and regulating blood pressure 
  • assists with metabolising iron 
  • combats effects of diets high in alcohol, caffeine, certain phosphates (found in soft drinks) and animal proteins - that can reduce the body's ability to absorb calcium

Remember: Our bodies cannot make calcium, so it must come from the foods we eat!

100% Premium Organic Lithothamnium calcareum Marine Plant

One level teaspoon (2.8g) of GreenCALCIUM POWDER contains 952mg of elemental calcium in a pure, plant form - 952mg of elemental calcium represents approx 95% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI) for adults.

GreenCALCIUM is packed in Australia under GMP Licence using Aquamin (TM) Lithothamnium calcareum marine plant imported from Ireland that is certified for use in organic systems by The Organic Trust, an EU registered Organic Certification body.

The dedicated production facility in Ireland is fully ISO 9001-2000 & HACCP Certified and adheres to strict quality and environmental controls.

The Aquamin (TM) used in GreenCALCIUM is certified Kosher, Halal and GRAS Approved and has been independently tested for purity & safety and clinically evaluated for its effectiveness as an all-natural calcium and multi-mineral supplement for bone health

One serve = 2.8g (approx 1 level teaspoon) 
Adults: use 1/2 to 1 serve daily 
Pregnant or Breastfeeding Mothers: use 3/4 to 1 1/4 serves daily 
Children age 1-11 years: use 1/3 of level teaspoon daily

Serving Suggestions: Mix in favourite juice, water or simply add to food