Melrose H2Oil Superfine Massage 1L


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  • Water dispersible - washes out of towels. 
  • Effortless glide. 
  • Fast absorbing. 
  • Virtual absence of any oily aroma. 
  • Free from rancidity. 
  • Less waste. 
  • Packed in casks that ensure long life.

Superfine H2Oil is a mixture of Coconut Glycerides and Coconut Oil with the addition of the oil dispersant Laureth-3. This oil is much less viscous than Melrose's other massage oils and is practically colourless. It will never go rancid because Coconut Glycerides and Coconut Oil are close to 100% saturated - that is, they are non-reactive to oxygen. Although more expensive, it is preferred by some massage therapists, especially for hairy bodies.

Coconut Glycerides. 
Coconut Oil.