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Martin & Pleasance Ki Hayfever Control Formula 60t

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Ki Hayfever Control Formula combines researched and natural ingredients to help tackle the cause of hayfever and relieve symptoms.

Each tablet contains extracts equivalent to the dried herbs: 
Rhina-mp 2.88g. 
Astragalus membranaceus root (NLT 40% polysaccharides). 
Astragalus membranaceus root 2.12g. 
Ginger fresh (Zingiber offinale rhizome) 1.5g. 
Magnolia liliflora flower 1.5g. 
Quercetin 200mg.

Treatment dose - 2 tablets per day. 
Prevention dose - 1 tablet per day, one month prior to Hayfever season. 
Maintenance dose - 1 tablet per day.

The full effects of Ki Hayfever Control Formula should be felt after 3 weeks. Therefore when commencing Ki Hayfever Control Formula, other hayfever medications may be taken during these first few weeks.

Warning: Always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor/healthcare professional. Not to be used in children under 12 years of age without medical advice.