Maharishi Raja's Cup x 24 Tea Bags 48g


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A precise combination of four ayurvedic herbs, Raja's cup is a powerful tonic for mind, body and emotions. Winter Cherry (Ashwagandha) nourishes the nerves and helps resistance to stress. Licorice supports intelligent cell functioning. Kasmard helps balance fluids and mucus in the respiratory tract. Clearing nut helps burn impurities and clear the channel of circulation and respiration.

A highly-regarded traditional ayurvedic formulation, this synergistic blend goes far beyond other coffee substitutes. It is made completely without grains such as 'chicory' and 'barley' and contains no carob.

The all natural and caffeine free Raja's cup is an excellent means to reduce caffeine from your diet and still enjoy the flavor of coffee, can be enjoyed at bed time also. Also acts as an antioxidant and is hundreds of times more effective against free radicals than vitamin C or E.