Maharishi Organic Pitta Tea x 16 Tea Bags 27.2g

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Highly Effective for : General heath, Headache, Health drink, Herbal Teas

Cooling Pitta Tea is a delicious combination of fragrant rose petals and refreshing spices, and is the perfect answer when one is feeling intense, over-heated or frustrated. Drink warm or cool, it helps cool down the mind, body and emotions. One will find it ideal for hot summer days, as well as for heated tempers.

Benefits: Over-heating of the body and mind can result in discomfort and uneasiness. The all Natural and caffeine free Pitta tea has a cooling effect on Mind & Body.

Use as a regular tea bag. 

The all natural and caffeine free tea bag should be dipped in hot/lukewarm water till the desired concentration is achieved.