Little Mashies Reusable Squeeze Pouch 2x130ml - Purple

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Little Mashies purple 10pk box contains 10 reusable food pouches with the gorgeous purple Little Mashies monster who is licking his lips. This little guy is so cute he was even featured on the front cover of Practical Parenting Magazine!

The reusable food pouches are designed in Australia and have the highest quality components. Each pouch has their patent pending ergonomic design which makes cleaning super easy because there are no corners AND their double ziplock has extra anti-leak technology to keep their food pouches closed and secure at all times.

You can use Little Mashies for baby food, smoothies, puree, yoghurt (either home-made or store bought tubs decanted into the pouches). Using Little Mashies reusable food pouches not only allows you to feed your children healthier food but it also saves you money and helps the environment. Traditional baby food pouches are often high in sugars, some have additives and many times they are heat treated so that they last longer on the shelf. This means many of the nutrients are lost.

They are free of all nasties that are commonly found in plastics (ie they have no BPA, no lead, no PVC, and are free of Phthalates.

To fill: Simply open the ziplock at the bottom and fill the reusable food pouch with a spoon, pitcher, or funnel. Fill your Little Mashies 3/4 full (or to the fill line) then close the ziplock. Wipe away any excess dribbles, take the cap off and give it to your cutie pie to squeeze and enjoy! To make sure the anti-leak ziplock is clicked into place press it firmly or bite it with your teeth until you feel it seal.

To clean: When you get home wash the pouch with warm soapy water and a bottle brush. Because of the curved shape food runs straight out. It takes about 20 seconds! Even left in a lunch box all day Little Mashies will clean easily because there are no corners or gussets for food to get stuck. This is what makes our product so great!

To Dry: Place a whisk, spatula, or large spoon inside the pouch with the ziplock open and pop it in a glass on the window sill. It will dry overnight with the ziplock wide open and the cap removed. Creating airflow like this will help maximise the life of the reusable food pouch.

To Steralize: Little Mashies are safe to use in steam steralizers, or with liquid and tablet steralizers commonly used for baby bottles and teats. Do not boil Little Mashies reusable food pouches. Little Mashies are safe to use with warm food but extrememly high temperatures will decrease the life of the pouch.