HealthWise L-Arginine 150g


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100% pure powder
Pharmaceutical grade
Arginine hydrochloride (HCL)
Packed without fillers or flowing agents

L-Arginine has numerous functions in the body and is considered a semi-essential amino acid as the body cannot always manufacture enough for daily requirements. HealthWise ® L-Arginine uses pure arginine hydrochloride as it is freely soluble in water and well absorbed.

Specific Weight Information
L-Arginine (HCL)

L-Arginine is generally well absorbed orally and can be added to foods or liquids.

Studies suggest an average adult serving would be between 2 and 20gm depending on diet and other contributing factors. 

Note: The above measurements display the amount of milligrams per amino equivalent to a 5ml metric teaspoon. Powders are loosely filled, levelled but not compacted.