Enviroclean Disinfectant Concentrate 2L


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Suitable for toilets, bathrooms, kitchens, pet areas, floors. Ideal for sick rooms and first aid. Very economical, dilute to suit the job. General cleaning add 25ml to 750ml water. Heavy cleaning add 50ml to 750ml water.

  • No animal testing 
  • Suitable for all hard surface cleaning, (not recommended for windows or glass) 
  • Sanitiser- add to nappy bucket with enviroCLEAN Laundry Powder & Presoak- 10ml to bucket of water & powder and then add nappies 
  • Readily Biodegradable surfctants AST4351 
  • Septic & Sewerage safe

No phosphates 
No chlorine 
No phenol
No Palm Oil

For extra cleaning ability add enviroClean Vigor All Purpose Cleaner Concnretate.

Cap = 50ml Use Disinfectant Concentrate to refill Bathroom & Toilet Cleaner 750ml.

Dilute as required 13-100mls depending on cleaning requirement.