ECO Body Erase Body Oil 95ml


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ECO. Erase Body Oil is your essential body treatment to improve the appearance of stretch marks, scars and blemishes, leaving your skin smooth, soft and youthful-looking. With Coconut, Lavender Oil and Vitamin E, ECO. Erase has a nourishing formula which protects your skin against daily aggression's, leaving you ready to take on the world!

ECO. Erase tones, supports skin elasticity, repairs and restores the appearance and vitality of your skin, to help give you a new level of confidence. This makes ECO. Erase your skin's best friend for everyday use to maintain skin well-being.

This wonder oil also works as a targeted treatment during pregnancy and times of weight fluctuations.

Apply ECO. Erase liberally twice a day on damp skin after showering.

Massage gently in a clock-wise motion over areas of concern.