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ColoZone Plus 100g

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Live in a clean state. ColoZone Plus is one of the most premium colon cleansing and detoxification product available!

ColoZone Plus is safer, because it is natural and does not use drugs to stimulate the intestines or colon to produce effective relief as do most major brands. Read the latest testimonials from those who suffered for years with Chronic Constipation.


  • Colozone Plus helps rid the intestinal system of waste and promotes elimination.
  • Colozone Plus assists in the relief of occasional constipation. 
  • Colozone Plus is also an antacid which assists the body to neutralise the stomach acid that causes heartburn, gastric reflux, sour stomach, indigestion, acid stomach. 
  • Colozone can be used as a magnesium supplement. Being in a powder form makes it more easily absorbed and utilised by the body.

Each 5mL metric teaspoon (1g) contains:
Magnesium: 471 mg.
Magnesium Oxide (heavy): 600 mg.
Magnesium Carbonate (light): 400 mg.

Please see package for dosage.