Clean and Green Wholefoods Beauty Berries 125g


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Clean and Green Wholefoods Beauty Berries is a blend full of anti-oxidants, vitamins, minerals, skin and hair loving nutrients. The anti-oxidants work to look after your skin internally, thereby reducing the signs of ageing and inflammation. The other easily absorbed nutrients it contains help to improve your energy levels and overall wellbeing.

It is gluten free, vegan, dairy free, non-GMO and made from the highest quality natural and certified organic ingredients. It tastes delicious and has no added synthetic or artificial colours, preservatives or sweeteners.

Beetroot*, blueberry, plant fibre, marine algae, maca*, fermented grape skin*, macqui berry*, acai berry*, nerina strawberry, natural raspberry flavour, hibiscus*, silica dioxide, thaumatin, stevia
*Certified Organic ingredients

Mix in one teaspoon to water, coconut water, smoothie or sprinkle over muesli or oats.

25 serves per tub.