Boomers 100% Creatine Monohydrate 500g

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Boomers 100% Creatine Monohydrate is used by athletes to increase their power output during training. Creatine is a molecule already produced in the body, it is used during periods of stress and works to produce energy that helps cellular function. So when you're training, it helps you get a bit more out of your sets when you're under fatigue.

  • Micronised powder that is highly absorbable - Particle size of 200 Mesh 
  • Significantly increases the power and speed of muscle contractions 
  • Major value - Where explosive strength is required, for example weight lifters, body builders and sprinters 
  • Mixes easily

Creatine is produced naturally by the body and is used by all muscle cells. Increasing the cellular content of creatine by supplementing with creatine monohydrate significantly increases the power and size of muscles. It should be taken twice a day during the heaviest part of your training cycle and omitted for the lighter part of your training cycle. Typically this means 3 to 4 weeks of supplementation and 4 to 6 weeks with no supplementation.

Add 5 grams (1 heaped teaspoon) to 100 mls (half a glass) of water and half a teaspoon of ordinary sugar.