Amazonia Raw Protein Paleo Fermented Vanilla Lucuma 1kg


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Amazonia Raw fermented paleo protein is a delicious wholefood formula that combines a nourishing sprouted base with fermented seeds and greens to create a comprehensive paleo-friendly protein blend.

Using the unique principles of fermentation that have been in practise since the Paleolithic Age allows for high bioavailability of nutrients in a form that is gentle on the digestive system. The special blend also includes superfoods such as whole Peruvian sacha inchi, fermented spirulina, quinoa and chia. With just under 80% digestible protein that is vegan and grain-free, Amazonia Raw fermented paleo protein provides high levels of amino acids essential for muscle development and body functioning in a wholefood form, making it the superior choice for many athletes and nutritionists. Shine Brighter.

Bio-actives from wholefood fermentation.
Delicious, creamy taste.
Vegan and alkaline.
Certified Organic.
Approx. 80% pre-digested, cultured protein.
Sugar free; very low in carbs.
Nothing artificial or synthetic.
Complete plant-based amino acid complex.