Advanced Medicine Gut Support 150g


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Advanced Medicine Gut Support is a synergistic food formula to support intestinal health and help maintain a normal healthy digestive system. Gut support is formulated so that it may support and restore our digestive system back to good health.

Per 6g service, Glutamine 2.5g, Glucosamine HCL 500mg, Slippery Elm bark 500mg, Sodium Phosphate 312mg, Quercetin 200mg, Guar Gum 100mg, Pectin 100mg, Aloe Vera 500mg, Curcuminoids (from C3 complex 95%) 35mg, Peppermint Oil 2mg, S. Boulardii 1 billion CFU and Papaya leaf 18.7mg. Contains silica and stevia as a sweetener.