Abode Window Cleaner 500ml


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Abode Natural Window Cleaner gives amazing streak free results on all glass and mirror surfaces. Specially formulated for use with Fibreteq microfibre cloths to give you a residue free clean.

Formulated using only naturally derived plant and mineral based ingredients, the unique formulation completely does away with the cocktail of nasty chemicals found in many traditional brand products such as petrochemical solvents, d-Limonene and LABS acids as well as semi synthetic plant surfactants such as coco betaine or etholylated compounds. The unique streak free formulation is designed to clean as effectively as supermarket brands whilst ensuring the health of your family is protected. Abode window cleaners are designed to be free of damaging harsh fumes and VOCs.

Purified Water.
Alkyl Polyglucosides.
Sodium Gluconate.
Baking Soda.
Grain Alcohol.