Abode Toilet Gel Rosemary & Mint 5L


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Cleaning your toilet is now quick and easy! Abode Natural Toilet Gel is formulated using only naturally derived plant and mineral based ingredients (many of which are food grade). Its unique formulation does away with the cocktail of nasty chemicals commonly found in conventional brand products such as petrochemical solvents, bleaches, ammonia and semi-synthetic plant surfactants such as coco betaine or etholylated compounds.

The unique formulation is designed to clean as effectively as the supermarket brands whilst ensuring the health of your family is protected. Abode Toilet Gel is designed to be free of damaging harsh fumes and VOCs. With Rosemary and Mint essential oils, your toilet will always be clean and smell fresh!

Purified Water.
Alkyl Polyglucose.
Citric Acid.
Lactic Acid.
Glycolic Acid.
Grain Alcohol.
Organic Rosemary & Mint Essential Oils.