Happy Ears Ear Candles 2 100% Beeswax - Straight

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  • Free protective disk
  • Double filter so nothing falls back into the ear
  • Stop band so you know when to put the candle out
  • Cone style burns down in less than 10 mins, great for squirmy kids!
  • Ear Candling or Ear Coning has been used by naturopaths and therapists for decades.

Extra features to make having your ears candled less scary. These added features include a protective disc, stop band and stop filter.

The ear canal is gently filled with warm air, softening the earwax. The propoli vapours heal and protect the ear. The heat also enhances blood flow within the ear canal, resulting in a feeling of ell-being and of general relaxation. The warm rising air creates a vacuum (chimney effect) at the base of the candle. This helps draw out waste deposits and moisture from the ear canal.

100% beeswax, unbleached cotton.

PREPARE you will need a glass/bowl of water, matches, tissues.
REST they suggest you stay lying down for 15 minutes after the treatment is complete.
RELAX have the person lie on their side making sure they are comfortable.
RECOMMENDED USE especially after showers, swimming, altitude stays, air-flights, under-water diving, to clear the ear.