Coconut Products

Nature’s most versatile food and medicine.

It seems like every day someone is coming up with a genius new way to use coconut. Want to grow luscious, long hair? Slather coconut oil on your scalp. Need a gluten-free flour alternative? Try organic coconut flour. And let’s not forget how amazing coconut aminos and coconut chips taste!

Nutrient Avenue is proud to stock organic, fair trade, and sustainable coconut products that are environmentally friendly, tasty and good for your health. Shop our selection of coconut baking goods, sauces, butters, oils, snacks and superfoods. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ve probably got it! From coconut syrups to vinegars, nectars, powders and soaps, Nutrient Avenue is your one-stop-shop for everything coconut.

Coconut is revered all over the world not just as a healthy food, but also as a healing medicine. Coconuts are full of healthy vitamins, fats and minerals that pack a punch. They support a healthy immune system, improve your digestion, promote weight loss and provide a natural source of quick energy. Coconut even works wonders in your skincare routine! Looking to go au naturel with your cooking and baking goods? Jump on the coconut train. We’ve got some amazing products from Niulife, Matakana Superfoods, CocoRoselle, Nakula, Power Super Foods, and more.