Abode Laundry Liquid Baby 1L


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Abode Laundry Liquid Baby is formulated for children and infants who have sensitive skin. This fragrance-free formula contains no petrochemicals, LABS acids or semi-synthetic plant surfactants and is not hazardous to your health or the environment.

The super effective formula is ultra concentrated, gentle on the skin, suitable for front and top loader washing machines and hot and cold water.

Abode Cleaning Products are Australian made and owned, biodegradable, pH neutral and grey water and septic tank safe. They use cutting edge natural plant and mineral based technology to create products which contain food grade ingredients, where available over contaminated industrial grade ingredients.

Water, soda ash, sodium citrate (food grade), sodium coco sulphate, baking soda (food grade), alkylpolyglucosides, sodium lactate (food grade), lipid layer enhancers and glycine extracts (amino acids)

Front Loaders: normal load: 1/4 cap  / heavy Load: 1/2 cap 
Top Loaders: normal load: 1/2 cap  / heavy Load: 1 cap 
Handwash or soaking: 1/2 cap per 5 litres of warm water