How to reduce plastic pollution

How to reduce plastic pollution

Here’s a simple way to reduce plastic pollution, protect the environment and increase sustainability with little effort.

It can take hundreds to thousands of years for plastic to break down. Even as it slowly decomposes, it releases toxic methane gas into the air. Plastic pollution is destroying our environment - air, soil, water, marine life, and animals - with these negative effects compounding over time.

The good news is there are so many people like you who want to reduce plastic pollution and protect the environment. So we can change it.

There are so many things we could do, but where should we start? Here we cover one simple way, you can have a big environmental impact today.

Say No To Plastic Straws

Surprised we didn’t say shopping bags?

Of course, shopping bags are widely used, but also widely reused, and with many grocery stores in Australia moving towards biodegradable plastics, and conscious shoppers bringing their own, they are contributing less and less to plastic pollution which is wonderful!

Straws, on the other hand, are only used once and then disposed of, making them one of the biggest contributors to landfill! Many environmentalists estimate 500 million straws contribute to plastic pollution every day!

Given they’re only a ‘nice-to-have’ and not a necessity, we can make a big impact with little inconvenience by saying no to plastic straws.

Opt for no straw, when out, or getting take away.

Support Sustainable Businesses

We all know we vote with our dollars.

Why not chose restaurants that use sustainable takeaway materials and leave reviews stating how much this means to you?

The more we emphasise this as a competitive advantage for businesses, the more their competitors will follow suit.

For stores not (yet) using sustainable plastics, ask them to opt for paper straws instead.

Plastic Straw Alternatives

With governments such as Britain, who are set to ban the use of plastic straws, and even Woolworths as of 2019, there are alternatives to plastic straws being produced.

For those of us who are keen to keep using straws at home and on the go, there are awesome alternatives such as bamboo, glass and stainless steel straws. All safe, feel great and will have a big impact.

Let’s reduce the billions of straws that end up in landfill every day. Opt for alternatives today.

Do you have other everyday tips to reduce plastic pollution and protect our environment? We’d love to hear them!

Let us know in the comments below.

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