9 Gluten-Free Netflix Snacks That Double as a Gym-Bag Friendly Breakfast

9 Gluten-Free Netflix Snacks That Double as a Gym-Bag Friendly Breakfast

9 Gluten-Free Netflix Snacks That Double as a Gym-Bag Friendly Breakfast

AKA the ultimate *any* occasion munchies.

Have you ever roamed the aisles of your local supermarket looking for tasty, gluten-free snacks to satisfy your junk food cravings and fuel your body pre or post-workout? Let me tell you, the struggle is real! 

Between plain mixed nuts and protein bars with some seriously questionable ingredients, gluten-free supermarket snacks are pretty limited. Thankfully, the days of the celery stick are long gone! At Nutrient Avenue, we’re all about munching on satisfying, nutrient-dense, gluten-free snacks that *actually* taste good.

So, in no particular order, here are our top 9 delicious, gluten-free snacks you can enjoy while binge-watching Riverdale on Netflix or stash in your gym bag for a healthy, on-the-go brekky.

Paleo Granola

Crunchy, golden morsels of delight that are organic, 100% natural and good for your gut? Yes, please!

These deliciously sweet, paleo granola blends from The Monday Food Co. are no ordinary breakfast granola. Packed full of protein, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals,  they’ve been carefully developed for sensitive tummies and digestive issues.

Snuggle up on the sofa with the Chocolate, Cherry and Hazelnut flavour or munch on a handful of the Hazelnut, Fig and Cardamom after the gym for a boost of energy.

Coconut Macaroons

If your mornings are less green-juice-and-meditation and more fresh-face-frazzled, chances are you struggle to eat a nourishing breakfast before rushing out the door. Enter the gluten-free coconut macaroons from Vegan Made Delights!

Sweetened with organic dark agave syrup, these delectable cookies are tasty enough to call them a dessert but healthy enough to warrant eating them for breakfast. Throw them in your gym bag or indulge in the organic cacao flavour to get your chocolatey fix in front on the telly.

Roasted Seaweed

Okay, we know seaweed doesn’t exactly sound like the mouth-watering, gimme-the-whole-bag kinda snack that makes Netflix fun. But, stick with us for a hot minute!

These gluten-free Roasted Seaweed Snacks from GimMe are the perfect alternative to microwave popcorn and deep fried potato crisps. Seaweed has the highest density of vitamins and minerals of any vegetable on the planet. It’s also high in protein and fibre, making it the perfect post-gym breakfast snack. 

But what about the flavour? Doesn’t it taste like the ocean? Nope! You can still enjoy all your favourite crisp flavours, like Sea Salt, Teriyaki, Sriracha and Sesame, without any of the guilt.

Mini Pancakes

Whether you’ve just hit the gym or are brunching at home alone with Stranger Things, gluten-free mini pancakes are the ultimate comfort food.

Whip up a batch on the weekend and store them in an airtight container for a quick and easy snack throughout the week. Just be sure to hide them in your fridge or they won’t last very long!

Pair your mini pancakes with your favourite nutty spread, date spread or an added serve of flavoured plant protein for extra goodness. We think you’ll love the Golden Chai and Caramelised Popcorn flavour from Botanika Blends.

Banana Bread

Who doesn’t love the taste (and smell!) of warm, freshly-baked banana bread? *drools*. 

You can make your own gluten-free version at home with our vegan banana bread baking mixes from Natural Evolution and The Gluten Free Food Co.

Simply combine the baking mix; coconut milk, almond milk or water; ripe bananas; and the oil of your choice and stir. If you’re feeling extra fancy, why not add chopped dates, walnuts, pecans, macadamia nuts or chocolate chips? Banana bread is a healthy snack the whole family will love!

Freeze Dried Fruit

Fruit is one of the best healthy snacks of all time! But carrying fresh fruit around in your gym bag can be a bit of a pain, especially if it’s soft like bananas, peaches, mangos, strawberries or nectarines.

Luckily, there’s freeze-dried fruit. Once a weird snack that only astronauts ate out of necessity, freeze-dried fruit has become a growing trend of late.

The perfectly-preserved 100% fruit has an amazing light and crispy texture with all the nutrients still locked in, making it a convenient post-gym snack or healthy late night treat.

Hemp Crunch

Flax and chia seeds may be a pantry staple, but there’s a new ‘it’ seed in town: hemp. And, with health benefits like reduced risk of heart disease, easing PMS symptoms, aiding digestion and promoting brain health, it’s easy to see why!

These tasty hemp seed crunch blends from 2 Die 4 Live Foods are an easy gluten-free snack on their own, or the perfect addition to a dollop of yoghurt, salad or acai bowl.

The best part? They come in a range of yummy flavours, like salted maple, mint chocolate, lavender and bee pollen, and black tahini and pineapple. Mm-mm!

Raw Superfood Bites

Bite-sized protein balls and superfood bites are taking over the snack world. If your goal is to skip the snooze button each morning and actually make it to the gym before work, these raw Manuko cubes are the snack for you!

The perfect combo of energising antioxidants and organic superfoods designed to put a little pep in your step, they’re the back-pocket breakfast you can enjoy anywhere. They’re so good, you’ll want to eat them for dessert too! Especially the Pecan Gingerbread, Choc Mint and Sweet Orange Choc.

Cashew Popcorn

There’s nothing better than enjoying a bowl of fluffy white popcorn whilst watching something on Netflix. But here’s the thing: the healthy, non-salted version of popcorn can be pretty, well, bland.

But, the amazing news is you don’t have to sacrifice flavour for goodness any longer! Introducing East Bali Cashews Popcorn—preservative and pesticide-free air popped corn with no artificial colours or flavours.

Combined with roasted cashews and delicious flavours, like salted caramel and cacao, this vegan, gluten-free snack is what candy bar dreams are made of (only healthier!). It’s so light and convenient, you can even enjoy it on your way home from the gym.

Looking for more snack ideas? Visit our snack section to browse our range of portable, healthy and oh-so-delish munchies.

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